He assumed full responsibility for it.

You should tell the boss.

This girl sings pretty well.

This is surprising.

We're alone here.

Pleasure is not bad in itself, but certain pleasures bring more pain than pleasure.

Prussia is not Russia.


Ofer has a sister who is a lawyer.

Ozan ran as fast as his legs would take him.

She need not have kept silent.

I usually keep a diary when I travel.

You have to call her.

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What motivates you to learn foreign languages?

Does that matter?

His name was Geppetto, but to the boys of the neighborhood he was Polendina, on account of the wig he always wore which was just the color of yellow corn.


The road curves gently towards the west.


Do you find me attractive?

My fingers are too fat to fit into these gloves.

I'm afraid of cockroaches, because they are disgusting and ugly.


Jean-Christophe isn't doing a very good job.


"Does your friend know about this?" "Naturally."

There is no dress code.

You might want to bring Lila with you.

Show us the solution.

Nguyen didn't take Sergeant's advice.

Why doesn't Frank have a cell phone?

The judge was exhausted from the nervous strain.

Maybe is too late now. I think you should try to contact her tomorrow afertoon. Don`t worry She always go to bed late. She has been studying for a very difficult exam this week. She want to be a doctor.

I think I did something wrong.

Dori thought up a good plan.

Who gave them all that money?

It's better to take your time than to hurry and make mistakes.

Vistlik continued his relationship with that married woman.

Pierette helped an old lady cross the road.

2539 is a prime number.

She's wearing a light blue suit.

Mariou yanked the rifle out of Edith's hands.


The sentence does not win a prize for beauty, in my opinion.

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Johnny could be here for a long time.

Your help isn't needed.

This novel was translated from English.

I have to run next door.

How much do you want for this book?

I hate him.

Malaclypse looked Prakash in the eyes.

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You should not lose your patience when dealing with kids.

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We heard a cry from above.

Suzanne boiled some eggs.

The NPD is likely to enter the Landtag.

They will be taken good care of.

Dan accused Linda of stealing rations.


Why? Because his family needed the money, that's why.

The coroner is performing an autopsy on Brian to find out why he died.

I couldn't even walk away, much less run.

She's on the piss again.

Turn your misfortune to account.

This apology is not enough.

Nothing's really changed.

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Questions never hurt anyone.

He is a gentleman among gentlemen.

He has located Hsuan.

Jane can sing some Japanese songs.

Which browser are you using?


His business failed and he was ruined.

They tied me up.

He was banished from the kingdom.

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It's likely Charleen will be late.


Knowledge in itself is not an end, but a means to an end: to live a full and humane life.

Should I go?

The delegates elected him on the first vote.

Therefore it is important for us to be aware of other forms of politeness.

This may contribute to the rising incidence of HIV in the over-50 age group.

Forget the last line.

After lunch, set out for the next destination.

Emily decided to leave the school.

Do you think Nick is dangerous?


We may be here several days.


I think that's absolutely fabulous.


We have a book.

Most of our pocket wisdom is conceived for the use of mediocre people, to discourage them from ambitious attempts, and generally console them in their mediocrity.

The government is compelled to reconstruct national finance.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning.

I dropped them off at Kanda.

We need some answers.

She picked me an apple.

I don't think that I deserved the punishment I got.

That wouldn't be wise.

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I met a group of hikers, some of whom were university students.

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This word is not in current use.

I bought this from the supermarket.

Will she forgive him for forgetting her birthday?

I have to wait for Pat's call.

I wonder if there's any connection.

Half-forgotten music danced through his mind.

I'm sorry, boss, but I believe you owe me a weekend's worth. That's about 150 dollars.

Did you hear what we were saying?

I used to work in Boston.


The claim of community involvement is just window dressing; City Hall will do what it wants to anyhow.


Jinchao might not do what you asked.


We've just got to find a way to get this done.


This classroom is very large.

Eddie was very thirsty.

After 125 years of development it's clear: Esperanto is more than just a language.


Arthritis is a painful condition that affects the joints.

I find her story hard to swallow.

You might at least have said, "Thank you", when someone helped you.

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I think you should make the deal.

He entered the boutique.

She was enchanted by his little laugh.


Panzer probably does this every year.

I'm in the middle of a meeting.

I won't leave you alone with Mysore.

I got my foot caught in a train door.

We call it the Evening Star.


She was taken ill on holiday.

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Who owns that house?

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None of the programs look interesting to me.

There's a big storm on way.

I like him the best.

Does this document refresh your recollection?

I always have two cups of coffee in the morning.

What're you doing up?

Water gurgles while fire crackles.


Bananas are a kind of fruit.

I have to go talk to him.

Lock it.


What is a friend? A soul that lives in two bodies.

Do you want to give up?

The college granted him a scholarship.


This question is easy to answer.


I'm a lousy singer.

You can study, no matter your age.

Is that a new jacket?


Have a nice life.

My parents were sitting under the tree.

I miss my parents so much.

He has no faults.

Conscience is sorrow. Intelligence is deception. Only on the outskirts of life. Can one plant a little illusion.


I'll take that challenge.

What is the matter?

Could you help us find a solution to the problem?

You aren't allowed to go into that room.

Frank majored in sociology at university.


There's a lot we still don't know.

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However, 2007, this holiday moved to May 4th, while April 29th became the memorial day of Showa called "Showa no Hi.

I'll use magic on him and turn him into a frog.

The manager assembled the players on the field.

You'll never know the truth.

Would you please make a hyperlink to our corporate site from your page?

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Ceremonies were held to celebrate victories.

Mummy and I moved into the hall.

The car passed through a gate.


He is not a liar at heart.

The chances are that she'll quit her job.

Vince thought it was unfair.

My otherwise perfect life is about to change for the worse.

Have you ever been to the United States?

I should get back to my seat.

The man is sick.