That's a nice picture.

Apples are cheap today.

Washing clothes is my work.

To my amusement, everyone believed my story.

It was the sound of the bell which awoke him.

I want to thank everyone for their support.

The Sun - in fact, our whole solar system - orbits around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

There are no options.

Gregge said that he didn't want to see or speak to anyone.

The fish in this river are few and far between.

People should love one another.

I can beat you to the station.

I just know I wouldn't have missed Frances.

I feel sick.


In retrospect, I should have known that it was a scam.

She paged through the magazine.

I try to help Vickie every chance I get.

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We need to give students the tools they need to communciate in a foreign language, not simply teach them rote phrases.

I found a good restaurant on Park Street.

Natraj waited for me.

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We were crowded into the small room.

How do you feel today?

You pompous git!

Bet without exaggerating.

Why don't you give me the knife?


Shh! Don't make a sound. We are playing hide-and-seek now. If you want to talk, go find somewhere else to hide.

Daniel was ecstatic.

You may think otherwise, but I prefer to think of it as helping you come to a decision more easily.

Maria looked at the clock on the mantelpiece.

Joe excels his older brother at swimming.

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Slartibartfast has always been very competitive.

This shouldn't be so hard.

What did you do last Sunday?

Bacon comes from pigs.

You could ask Ralf.

Joel doesn't know whether he should go to the party or not.

He is better off than he used to be.

Just stay put.

The train approached the town.


Les enrolled in night classes at a local college.

How long is the ride?

He doesn't work here now, but he used to work here.

Hear me out.

I wish Hunter wouldn't keep bothering me.

Laura threatened Graham with a pistol.

Are you guys really OK?


The girls work.

It would be difficult.

I am tired like a dormouse.

Jim is surrounded by people.

It is quite natural that he think so.

I'll be there by eight somehow.

His courage contributed to the victory.

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Tell him that I want to see the telegram that he sent.

A castle stands a little way up the hill.

There's not so much text in this book.


The plural of cactus is cacti.

I know what you need.

You can't worry about me anymore.


The work should be finished.


Don't forget death.

We'll get started as soon as we can.

I will get the machine running.


Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.

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Murat didn't have the courage to speak to Kent.

They won't believe us.

From the spring equinox the days become longer than the nights, and living creatures are becoming full of life.

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Ramiro is the only one who can answer that question.


It is easy to love, but hard to be loved.

We were in Boston last month for a few days visiting Clyde.

I forgot to buy one pillow.

Whoever you vote for, make sure he's honest.

Grandma sprinkled flour on the rolling pin so the dough wouldn't stick to it.

Since it's important, I'll attend to it.

We examined the following magazines to collect the data.


Murder is a wicked crime.

This was a great gift for her.

Eli pushed me and I pushed him back.

I want you to write me a letter.

The good weather will hold.

How fast!

We still have a lot of things to do.

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Norman slept in the guest room.

I like to adorn my room with flowers.

The house was more expensive than I had expected.

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Billie read everything he could find.

This is getting crazy.

I don't want them here.

There was a lot of students absent from class today.

You're short, aren't you?

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Little girls sing merrily.

I wonder if Prince William lets anyone call him Bill.

I don't want Alvin to find me.

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Everybody plays the game of love.

I'd better call him first.

I don't have enough money to pay my debts.

Please tell Barton Vickie called.

I know where everyone is.

This is not at all what I had expected.

You're being modest.

The teacher suspected the student was cheating.

We have enough food.

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Olaf didn't yell at Mats.

Could you bring me a Time magazine?

They lived in harmony with each other.

She rang off angrily.

His latest novel is well worth reading.


My cat is gone, it's already missing for three days.

I need some hangers.

Klaudia is getting better at speaking French.

We must get there before him.

You don't know how happy I am to see you.


Fletcher is older than that.

Vilhelm taught Clem how to drive.

I have borrowed a car.


He accompanies his words with blows.


Raj doesn't have anything to worry about.

You're untalented.

Connie may have seen it.


I need to relax.


Her parents hate him.

I offered him a double-flame lighter that I bought in the United States.

Let's see what Steven wants.

He opened the door, only to find the room empty.

I've seen what Eric can do.

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He often sits for many hours reading books.

I shot her.

An expert was called for advice.

If I was your boyfriend, I never let you go.

Miltos wouldn't tell me where he went.


Candles gleamed brightly besides the jacuzzi.

I never thought of that before.

Let's wait for the rain to stop.

Catch you guys later.

Eleven children are among the dead.

She and her friends are mad about music.

It'll be dark in an hour.

I won't cry.

Just think what it could do for you.


You don't need to point that out to me.

Both stories are true.

A parasol is used during the summertime to shade the face.


I have been here for two hours.

Cristopher stole two bases.

Reserve a seat in advance.


Tell her I'll call back later.

This kind of offer is not refused.

Our kids need something to do.


I carried the heavy bag on my back.

Will you pass me the salt, please?

He told Grant.

Are the fingers yours?

It is said that cats can shape-change.

I like seafood.

She can make an appointment for you for Saturday.

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Unless caught stealing, one is not a thief.

He was partially clothed.

I'm not saying I want to do that now.


I knew what she was thinking.


With the lack of men in my life, I'm considering turning lesbian.

Morris will need our help.

He loves to fish.

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That was considerate.