Did you study yesterday?

I have an appointment to visit a guru in India.

We don't live in a perfect world.

It's obvious that he's not used to living on a tight budget.

He sank under the weight of age.


For corn's sake!

Is there anything you want to say?

We should draw the line between public and private affairs.

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On my bed is a coloured bedspread, which my grandma once made.

Do you think she likes me?

Why would you want to do that?

I could have sworn that I saw Theo downtown today.

I hope they're friendly.

Christopher generally makes good decisions based on a realistic appraisal of the situation he's faced with.

There's a small problem.

You should've seen me.

I live in Belarus and I take pride in this fact.


You can't go in there alone.

He is always pressed for money.

You don't scare me.

I am more than grateful for you help.

She promised her mother to come home before nine without fail.

I have nothing left to lose.

He'll have a dog.

I move that we continue the discussion.

We can do this together.

I really hate myself right now.

"Suzan is not in love with me." "Are you sure?"

I associate with him in business.

I wish Cyrus hadn't told Duke.


Matti pushed open the bedroom door.

Something very similar happened to me!

What did you say her name was?

It's still snowing.

Tyler's knees buckled.

Don't put the books in the shelf upside down.

Nobody knew what the machine was like.

Can I bring her in right away?

We're looking for a volunteer.


I drive a convertible.

It's a new year.

Why aren't you helping him?

Louiqa reached into her bag.

We'll work on it.


Horst didn't frighten me.

She looked like she was going to start crying again.

This packaging material provides heat insulation.

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Did you do the last problem of the homework?

What do you study?

Billy works long hours at the oil refinery.

I haven't liked anything I've seen so far.

Not all of us were satisfied with the system.

They didn't pay attention.

I'd like to buy half a cake.

I told Adlai I'm from Boston.

The other boys teased him when he got his hair cut.

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Micky knows Rajiv was here.

The beauty of that lady was admired by everyone.

It goes without saying that we'll travel together.


There are signs of growing tensions between the two countries.

I've never cheated on a test.

Did you return Sjouke's books?

I have a watch of Japanese make, which keeps very good time.

Are you an exchange student?


I know you're upset about the fact that we broke up, but my attraction to Herve didn't have anything to do with it.


They ought to have reached there by now.

We haven't finished talking.

The rugs are a good match for the curtains.


Hawks are birds of prey.

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Ah, screw it.

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That book is very old.

Po shut his mouth.

He had a new idea.

We have to come up with a plan.

Sometimes I'm scared of the dark.

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Ro encouraged our efforts.

Everything is gone.

You can't apply this theory to this case.

I have to remember to buy some milk.

We're doing everything we can to find Emma.


Eric asked me whether I liked Boston or not.


After she lost her job, she couldn't afford to feed her dogs, so she gave them away.

If you add three and four, you get seven.

We want to talk to Naim.

Whatever you do, do it wise with your eyes on the prize.

Do you know why he skipped class today?


The situation seemed hopeless.

Babies grow up inside the amniotic fluid in the womb.

Children often hate spinach.

Reiner looked over the documents carefully.

We didn't believe him.

Do you see a star?

He was sitting, reading a book.

They call him Jim.

He has every reason to quit his job.

I'd like to speak to Shadow if I may.

Your new school doesn't have a swimming pool.

Our wedding is tomorrow.

He prayed that his father would forgive him.

I'm surprised that Linley didn't enjoy the concert.

Boards are used to make floors.

I still can't get my head around what genius thought this was a good idea.

We were proud of them.


The traffic was paralyzed by the snowstorm.

Two glasses of orange juice, please.

Well, Cupid is a terrible sniper.

I'm very, very, very concerned.

He always indulges in smoking.

Jiro doesn't have to go to school today.

Thanks a lot for helping out.

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What's your favorite TV series?

I caught an earlier flight.

Don't forget about us!

You've abused my trust.

His writing is impossible to read.

Today is my wedding anniversary.

Josip looked at me, with a tear in his eye.

When did you return?

That he is alive is certain.

He lived alone in the countryside.

Neither woman was injured.

I don't need a loan anymore.

Which of the two ways do you choose?

So I get no reception in this classroom.

My friend put forward a good suggestion.


An enemy is attacking them.


Get back inside.

You can't drive. You've been drinking.

That's what got her killed.


Ben put his gun back in its holster.

I'm always late.

He dashed off a letter.

He has come a long way.

Angus told Tanaka about his new job.

They're mocking you.

No one saw her take it.


I am told that he is ill in bed.

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I know that someone has informed Warren about Kiki's death. But why is it me who has to be that "someone"?

Maria didn't suspect that "Kate", her pen-friend, with whom she had been corresponding for months over the Internet and whom she secretly loved, without ever having met him, was actually a super-intelligent squirrel.

I would gladly help you, only I am too busy now.

We lost sight of them over half an hour ago.

Nobody hated my country.


Please relax.

He implied that something was wrong with his marriage.

I admire Siegurd's perseverance.


Martha fired a couple of shots in our direction.

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Did you hear of him?

I put off writing for over a month.

She used a fake identification card to get into the bar.

Is this an early attempt at cake making?

Language is the world in which the people live.

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I'll call him myself.

What is that huge building?

I want to ride a pony!


That is just typical of him.

I can't believe it.

Gypsy is annoyed with Maria.


Leonard doesn't want to become vegan.

They put all the boys together.

I'll ask Steven the next time I see him.

The government has been reforming education.

Freedom is only where power is.


She allowed me to go.

Give me any help you can.

I've got a job for you.

Todd had better not be wasting our time.

The business will yields a fair return on the investment.