They begin beating her.

Will you warm the milk, please?

They aren't hungry.

Rathnakumar has a choice to make.

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She used to visit me regularly.

I had my watch fixed.

Who can I sell it to?

I feel excited.

I can't believe Mott ate the whole thing.

The boy over there is his brother.

Let me have a minute with them.

He had his hat blown off by the strong wind.

I went to Galen's house.

Mehrdad is very touchy, isn't he?

Can you read this kanji?

He always asks for your opinion.

Which dog is yours?


Is this why you hired me?

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What's going to happen to us?

Larry didn't have the courage to admit his mistake.

It was more and more hard to live in the village.

We have to think about it.

I need an hour off.

I should really get some sleep.

They sent me three turkeys.

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They came to our aid at once.

I think he was looking at you.

Did Lee say anything about going to Boston next week?

I never dreamed you'd get so good at French so quickly.

I arrived this afternoon.

Sergiu does like them.

I'd like to have dinner with you tonight.


How would you help me?

My German is not good enough.

They refer to you as their friends.


Chuck is an ambitious young man.

The CEO raised his salary even though the company was losing money.

What were you dreaming about when I woke you?

I've waited long enough.

Kenn and Edmond stared at each other silently.

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Should I repeat that?

Tareq and his wife don't have any children.

I love practical jokes.


I should think you are right.

I don't consider Elaine a great man.

My neighbor is a penny-pinching old miser who won't even give you the time of day.

Maybe you can help us isolate the problem.

Watch out for the pedestrians.


How long do you estimate that it will take?

You look really tired.

You're always hungry!

Winston is the right person for the job.

How far away is the Eiffel Tower?

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Would you give me the recipe for your salad?


How do you like that TV news program?

He is known as a great pianist.

I just started working here today.

I've lived in Boston since 2013.

Good bye, and safe trip.


Today's housewives do nothing but complain of high prices.


This one is bigger.

You must look to your manners.

Yesterday I went to Stockholm.

She is a woman of great literary ability.

Tigger has never seen a giraffe.

The only question is who.

Here we see confirmation of an old truth: war is never useful.

Would you mind taking me home?

Odessa and Sebastopol are seaports on the Black Sea.

That room is too big.

This is an excellent site for learning Finnish.

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The minimum wage is $2.13 an hour.

What else is there to do?

I think you've lost your mind.

I was with Rudolph for an hour.

Pradeep can't be sick.

You cannot catch a heavy box with one hand.

It's easy for Kate.

Cut the engine.

This old bread is as hard as a rock.


We can watch on the screen you see in front of you.


Toby's eyes were wet with tears.


I'm getting little pimples on my face. I wonder if I've been getting enough sleep lately.

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Loyd doesn't have any choice.

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He is still green at the job.

This year is 2015.

We were surprised when we saw him in the office this morning.

They govern themselves.

I'm sure we can reach some kind of compromise.

That place is worth visiting twice.

He mistook me for my mother.

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That morning Heinrich went round the whole village.

Have you eaten dinner yet?

Isaac reached for another card.

Everybody has some faults.

Hey, has this been sitting out on the dinner table all day? It has to go in the refrigerator or it'll go bad.

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I've never seen this woman before in my life.

You've chosen a nice color paint for your room.

We want to know where you stand.

Most Hollywood films have happy endings.

She gave me a big hug.

What did Charles know?

He got tired of the work, and left it half-done.

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It doesn't help.


I'd rather be in Boston.

He is the owner of this land.

What made you ask us that?


She is very annoyed with me.


Let me out.

He returns from Beijing tomorrow.

This plant needs a lot of water.

You never know who might need something up there.

I don't know why they picked me.

Reid heard Ross calling his name.

Are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner?

I should clean the room.

We can't go outside on a day like this without wearing coats.


You left your keys in the door.


I just saw Meehan.

Is Leung guilty?

Martian colonists initially opted to build habitats underground and in domed enclosures.

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Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory.

Mr Smith made it a rule to take a walk every morning.

Who is he talking to?

I think Tim did that intentionally.

He turned around.

She fell totally in love with him.

To attend is important!

Tell her that I am exhausted.

Has Frances done enough?

I don't know how he does it.

Let me have a try.


What we found was unacceptable.

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You're here early.

Somebody needs to be here for the children.

You need to eat more.

He knows who they are.

Before you go to visit him, you should make sure he's at home.

I don't care how bad it hurts.

I'm trying my best to provide for you and your sister.

Did Hector get hurt in the accident yesterday?

I'm doing this for Sofoklis.


You should only believe about half the things Cristopher says.

Here he began to recount his misfortune in detail.

What kind of dog is it?

He has proven that he is not worth his salt.

We have a small chance of winning.

I'm just not hungry.

You should not give your children everything they want.

We need someone with guts to do it.

Tiefenthal lowered his gaze.

It's become dark. Would you turn on the light?

Why do you always blame me?

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Eileen is on his way to work.

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Mah is that man over there with a long white beard.

It didn't actually happen.

An apple was sitting on the bench.

What did Spock say he was looking for?

Tell me your impression of this book.

They'll never tell me to go.

He carries fire in one hand and water in the other.


She's playing Sims 3.

Let's not talk about Boston.

I know why Shahid is here.


She has already spoken with the President.