I thought I heard her come in.

The top went around and around.

Can you tell me what you're talking about?

It's difficult, I suppose even impossible, to really feel the sufferings of a hostage.

I won't be more than two or three hours.

You're full of surprises, Sheila.

Her broken leg has not healed yet.

Are you forgetful?

I promised my parents I would visit them at least once every three months.

If I won that amount of money, I would/should just spend it all.

The last day to apply is next Friday.

I'll bet it hurts.

It is very dangerous to cross this street.

You should turn in your paper by next Saturday.

I should've told her earlier.

My advice acted as an encouragement to her.

I don't totally understand that.

Look at the sharks.

Is this your desk?

She is lazy.

Which would you prefer, this one or that one?

Do they live with you?

Sanjib doesn't know where I went.

There's a lot of nature there: a mountain range, a small river, and a great forest.


Paris is a very ancient and beautiful city.

The baby started to cry.

He is bad beyond correction.

She never lies.

At last I found the picture I was looking for.

Catch her! Catch her!

What do you think of the game that Eliot created?

I wanted to see what would happen.

I make the building out of wood.

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The situation is beyond my grasp.

You gotta play till you win.

This decision was a self-serving measure designed to procure immunity from prosecution.

There's a way to do it.

I want to live in Tampa.

Thad went to the tattoo parlor.

That's what you always do.

There are some apples in the basket.

Swiss banks are very secretive.

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That coat may have cost a lot of money, but it's worth it.

She never saw Joe again.

Is it cold outside?


I'll always be here.

If you climb up this mountain, you'll reach the lab.

I remember locking the door.


I wish it were already summer vacation.

The students burned their textbooks.

Straka handed Kamiya a thick gray envelope.

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I wonder if it's possible to teach myself perfect pitch.

I'm talking to her.

I'm sorry to disturb you, but we have a big problem.

I never run away.

The training of lions is very dangerous.


I'll buy a book for Dominic.

I saw the sudden change on the broad's face as she realized that she wouldn't be able to cajole the ticket collector into letting her make it off without any fine.

Why didn't you use the money I lent you?

I never thought I'd ever get married.

Fred can do anything he wants.

Rudolf certainly spends a lot of money on jewelry.

You had better prepare yourself for the next game.


I am a realistic person.


Is there something you need for me to do?

No offense, Kit, but you're not ready for this.

It is man's intelligence that makes him so often behave more stupidly than the beasts. ... Man is impelled to invent theories to account for what happens in the world. Unfortunately, he is not quite intelligent enough, in most cases, to find correct explanations.


Are they really friends?

I didn't want them to leave.

Let's play quidditch.


Prices include shipping!

This argument is irrefutable.

How bad did Rik get hurt?

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Novo brushed a bit of dirt off of his hat.

The police have one of the kidnappers in custody.

There is a rumor that she got married.

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I firmly believe that your time will come.

This is my email address.

We have one more year.

I have no idea what it means and you don't have to either.

They went to a motel.

There's a bus stop neighbouring our school.

I could hardly refuse Olson's help.

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There is such a thing as female circumcision.


Drew had a good opinion of Beth.

I arrived in Boston yesterday.

I know him well.

Mann always tries to blame someone else for his failures.

What's wrong sweetie?

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I'm becoming forgetful.

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Flattery corrupts both the receiver and the giver.

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Angela was passed out on the floor.


I don't like her one bit.


Don't try to find fault with others.


We're not sure on how it started.

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He's just a big fish in a little pond.


I'm very serious about wanting to be a good magician.

Take a closer look.

I enjoyed watching TV for two hours.

My parents discouraged me from traveling alone.

I can't blame Lanny for that.

Are you still married to Emmett?

All in all, how many different schools have you attended?

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I'm allergic to aspirin, penicillin, and sulfamides.

Did you hear about the fire yesterday?

Do you think I'm fat?

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Ilya definitely has the ability to be the boss.

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The picture was beautiful. You should have seen it.


Insurers are now required to cover a number of recommended preventive services, such as cancer, diabetes and blood pressure screenings, without additional cost sharing such as copays or deductibles.

It's nice to be home.

You are still keeping secrets, right?


They aren't going to help him.

It's too difficult for me.

Fall is a good season for reading.

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We are good friends now, but there was a time when we didn't like each other.

Waxing is one method of hair removal.

Each taxpayer has the right to know where his money goes.


Jay was skeptical at Heidi's story.

My grandfather lived till he was eighty-nine.

There is a church near my house.

Cathryn poured himself a glass of scotch.

It's still in limbo.

Spike isn't my enemy.

Don't believe him who speaks nice words, but him who speaks simply the truth.

She ran a marathon yesterday. She is stiff today.

The last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II (Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov), was born 144 years ago (in 1868).

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Hank is out of the country.

He was delighted after he visited his wife in the train station.

She caught sight of the tautology that she was looking for in a crowd of other, equally useless and potentially dangerous, tautologies.

Can you believe it? He's even lazier than me.

Without him nothing was made that has been made.

Nathaniel loves you. I know he does.

Marnix told me I had done pretty good.

The stream flows into the pond.

My room is a complete mess.

A hazy cloud called a coma surrounds the comet's nucleus.

Terri is bound to come here.


Let's hash it all out.

You never gave up.

They behave towards Muslims in a way in which no Muslim would behave towards an unbeliever.

The flash wasn't working, so he couldn't take a picture in the dark.

Would that have been hard?


Everybody knows that you are a liar.

Be nice to your kids.

The cook will get a thou, while mister schoolboy will get a beating.

I'm sending you a birthday present by airmail.

It's a ridiculous question, really.


Rajarshi became pale with rage.

People tell doctors everything.

Some of them were wounded.

Dry sand absorbs water.

Live and learn.

I just want to have a good time.

Somebody has let you down again.

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'Poor boy!' said the old poet again, taking him by the hand, and leading him into his room. 'Come to me, and we'll soon make thee warm again, and I will give thee some wine, and some roasted apples for thy supper, my pretty child!'


What is the name of this flower?

We often eat fish raw.

Things are about to get wild.


Marilyn told Jesper to study harder.

She painted a wall.

The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept, in silence sealed.

Are we allowed to use the lift?

The Anonymous is still able to deliver.