Can you make us some breakfast?

As anticipated, we have had some problems.

I shouldn't wonder if they came after all.

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Jason was caught in the rain and ruined his new suit.

His popularity is falling.

Is it a French wine?

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Dan didn't even smile.

I had to arrest Tareq.

Urs wished he had told Boyce the truth.


Charley knew Josip had a roommate.

Hubert left his wife for Liz.

I am a socialist.


Nhan let me in.


I invited Jan to dinner tonight.

We've come to help.

I like to decorate my room with flowers.

I'm calling from Laurel's cell phone.

Ti wants to win.


Morning, sleepyheads!

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That does it.

Boys are the source of all problems in the world.

Ruth is a killer.

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When things go down hill and light at the end of the tunnel isn't visible, then it is time to strategically develop developmental plans.


"Andrew, where's the map? Have you got it?" "I don't think so."


I think what Ray is doing is amazing.

This car is always breaking down lately.

If you had never gone to Boston, you wouldn't have met Susumu.

Have you known her long?

Random Acts of Kindness Day, celebrated on February 17th, is one of the recently originated holidays that have come to achieve some popularity worldwide.

Is it snowy?

Could you hand that to me?

Manuel's happy not to be in your shoes.

We've already started.

You owe me three dollars.

Now, will you help me?

Blue movies are rated X, which means that only people of 18 and over can watch them.

I detest hypocrisy.


Bob went to the window to get a better look at what was happening.

Vaughn is the one to blame.

Who's going to notice?

Lean it against the wall.

I've sold the picture for 20,000 yen.

I can take you there.

This kind of blanket needs good airing.

You're going to need one, too.

On the day of my birthday, my friends made me drink and I caused quite an uproar.

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The policeman aimed his gun at the man.

Nancy seems to be as busy as ever.

Sometimes I go, sometimes I don't.

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She treats me as if I were a stranger.


Is it correct to say that the Qur'an is the bible of the Muslims?

Travis had a noodle soup.

This is weird.

He shared his box of biscuits with all his friends.

The war took place 45 years ago.

The field was rank with weeds.

His pneumonia was cured through a divine miracle.

There was a good reason for this.

What else is there?


She was kind enough to give me advice.

In my village, there is a small, narrow footbridge over a brook.

Nici couldn't look after himself.

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This is my problem.

Angus can take care of himself.

I think I'm ready to leave.


I felt very sad.


I never trusted them.

The experts decided the document was a forgery.

Robots are great in the workplace, because they don't need toilet or meal breaks, don't get sick or come to work with a hangover.

It's by no means impossible to earn one million yen a month.

People called Reverend Dan Anderson for his advice.

Oleg didn't have a plan.

Francois was wrestling with his sexual demons.

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The tired old lady had bags under her eyes.


Ramon lost a book.

Tad doesn't deserve to be punished.

I don't feel that way about you anymore.

Our century has seen a notable increase of knowledge.

I'm definitely going to vote.

Why did I never make a movie during my numerous journeys?

Why did you kill Jarmo?


It is sad to stay at home.

We don't need anyone's help.

Just follow procedure.

Rayan crossed the bridge.

They're doing great.

I've seen a lot of cool things.

You look upset.

Aimee had to take a test yesterday.

His mother used to be a singer.

You did it all right.

He speaks two languages besides English.

You're still vulnerable.

The only problem here is that there isn't anybody to translate these documents.

Hein is in amazing shape.

How accurate is it?

Will you help me give out the programs to those people?

The irrational conversation continued.

I think my computer was a tad more expensive than yours.

Dan comes from a very traditional family.

Dave is more optimistic.

I just saw them three hours ago.

Conrad must've practiced very hard.

I gave them Monday off.


After the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church hindered celebrating the Neptune Day, the Amur region was flooded.

What time do you eat supper?

The word processor is easy for us to use.

It's going really well.

We must always try to help others.

On New Year's Day, many people visit neighborhood shrines.

Floria picked up the dice and threw them.

How accurate can you be?

Thanks for doing this.

I tend to agree with you.

Please tell Kirsten.

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The blocks of stone were jointed with cement.


Keep that.

Dorothy prayed that her mother would forgive her.

She has a sense of fashion.

We have plenty of time tonight.

He's a gumshoe.

After he left school, he went to London.

A man can't always be a hero, but he can always be a man.

Emily asked me a question.

I was bored.


I'm sorry for the mess.

Neville speaks French fairly well, doesn't he?

Wilson has had such a hard life.


Our success depend on your efforts.

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My mother didn't let me wear a miniskirt.

Leave them out of this.

Consider the possibility.

I brought you a present.

He saw nobody.


I've never heard such preposterous accusations!


It always takes time to get to know someone well.

I believe Piercarlo is correct.

She sat down to read a novel.

I think that would really hurt.

There is no other country where books are read by so many people and can be bought so cheaply as in Japan.


I wonder who the next president of the United States will be?

Have you ever known them to come on time?

Typing capital letters on a computer is somewhat tedious.


Try not to disturb her.

You can't do it too soon.

We elected him president.

It was yesterday that I met her.

I no longer have anything to lose.

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As you wished!


Elisabeth had a feeling that the plan wouldn't work.


He has a degree in forestry

Raja usually has a glass of wine before dinner to whet his appetite.

She was late to work because she overslept.


The result is opposite to what we expected.

I'm very sorry about this.

I told you it was too soon.

There's something about Carole that makes her irresistible.

I have no wife.

We're not stubborn.

You may know that already.


That was really stupid.

I might be back.

Although the accident has delayed progress by one month, we have managed to catch up with the schedule.