What is FiAir?

No matter what you call it or how you use it: Charcoal Blower, BBQ Fan, Fireplace Bellow, Campfire Starter — our unique FiAir blower is there WHEN and WHERE you need it — with just the right amount of air directed precisely where you want it at the push of a button.

FiAir doesn’t light anything. But once you have a flame, our patented FiAir blower provides just the right amount the air (oxygen) every fire needs to glow and grow. FiAir is a simple, low-tech air blower designed for a single purpose: To Speed and Control Fire all your fires.

The first & only Truly Portable Powered Blower for fires™

FiAir top view on wood plank
Length = 9.2 in (23.4 cm)  |  Weight = 5.6 oz (158.8 gm) | Diameter = 2.25 in (5.7 cm)

Faster Wood Fires

First light to full blaze in about 2 minutes

FiAir gets you hot, without the bother, at the fireplace or campsite.
There’s nothing quite like the sight, sounds and smell of a real wood fire. Now, a cozy fireside is just a couple of minutes away. It’s true: our patented FiAir air blower kindles wood to a robust blaze in two minutes or less and keeps it that way with a few well-placed bursts of life-giving air each time you add more fuel. Of course, you can wave a folded newspaper or magazine at it. Or frantically squeeze an ineffective traditional bellow. Or blow with your breath until you hyperventilate. But if you simply want to enjoy your wood fires more and mess with them less all you really need is FiAir to be cozy in a just minute or two. 8665146718

Faster Charcoal Fires

First light to searing temp in 8-12 minutes

FiAir changes the long, heated debate over Charcoal vs Gas. 
Nearly everyone prefers the flavor of charcoal, but the time it takes for charcoal to reach cooking temperature can be a turnoff. Some have converted to gas grilling for speed alone. Others refuse to give up briquettes or lump charcoal, but use accelerants and/or a chimney to hasten the heat. The process still takes 15 to 30 minutes or more with these traditional methods. Trading taste to save time is now over. No matter how you light your coals, FiAir will have you cooking in easily HALF THE TIME you’re used to — typically just 8-12 minutes to searing. Learn More

Real FirePower in the Palm of Your Hand™


CloseUp of FiAir battery cover
CloseUp of FiAir battery cover
CloseUp of FiAir tip that speeds and precisely directs the air flow
CloseUp of FiAir rear locking ring, air intake, caribiner ring
CloseUp of FiAir battery cover
CloseUp of FiAir rear retaining ring, air intake, caribiner ring

• PATENTED Point-n-shoot Design

• Compact, Hand-Held, Truly Portable

• Rugged enough to kindle close

• Powerful enough to stoke at a safe distance

• Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)

• Instant safety shut-off if dropped

• Solid plastic foot stabilizes FiAir when put down

• Sturdy plastic ring for loop or carabiner

• Fits easily in BBQ apron pocket or backpack


Goes to blazes faster & cuts wait time

  • to feeding hungry guests or rowdy tailgaters
  • to warmth at a chilly campsite or firepit party at the beach
  • to cuddling at the hearth or wood stove

Saves your breath, back and energy

  • Feeds your fire and directs airflow so you don’t have to bend and blow
  • Produces a continuous flow of air at the push of a button — unlike other products that make you squeeze, crank or blow through a tube
  • Lightweight & compact, perfect take-along for tailgating or camping
  • Typically gets about 50 minutes per set of AAA batteries when used as directed. Feeds about 10 Charcoal Fires or many more Wood Fires.
CloseUp of FiAir rear retaining ring, air intake, caribiner ring
Starting a campfire with FiAir
Starting a campfire with FiAir
People gathered around campfire
Happy user holding up his FiAir
Happy user holding up his FiAir

FiAir is Made in America
Keepers of the Flame Worldwide

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