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BRAM Center for Regenerative Medicine


What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Simply put, Regenerative Medicine is an established, but rapidly advancing, generation of pain management solutions that utilize your own cells to heal your body from within. No pain treatment is safer, more natural and has greater potential for success.

Who can Regenerative Medicine help?

People with shoulder, elbow, hip, knee or joint pain who are having trouble performing everyday activities – from doing basic tasks to enjoying special occasions. Regenerative Medicine might provide the right solution for you.

What conditions does Regenerative Medicine treat?

Chronic or recurring shoulder, elbow, hip, knee or joint pain that is incapacitating and often beyond repair:
  • From a recent or old injury
  • From aging or a degenerative condition
  • From working out, sports, overuse, or repetitive movements
  • From an illness or disease
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Dr. Harris Bram MD, DABPM

Harris Bram | MD, DABPM

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